Message from John Dyke, owner

  Hello, all of my friends that reached out last week to check in on me and the Turnip Truck I’m sending a big Thank You with lot’s of Love and Hugs from me and the same from our Turnip Truck Team members. Like many others in Nashville and surrounding counties there was not much… Read more »

Tornado Impacts Upon Local Food Supply Chain

  We appreciate Jeremy Finley from WSMV Channel 4 News for highlighting the challenges to Nashville’s food supply chain due to the tornado and the COVID-19 virus. Check out his report in the link. Rest assured, the Turnip Truck is open and fully operational now that power is restored at our East Nashville location. Our… Read more »

Turnip Truck Open After Storm – Charlotte Ave Store Opening is Delayed

TURNIP TRUCK EAST OPEN AFTER THE STORM, WHILE CHARLOTTE AVE STORE OPENING IS DELAYED – Nashville’s Locally Owned Natural Grocer Keeps Doors Open for East Nashville – – Tornado Destroyed Equipment for New West Nashville Location – NASHVILE, Tenn. – Despite roof damage to the East Nashville store and losing significant equipment for the Charlotte location, Turnip Truck founder… Read more »

UPDATE: March 4, 2020

The Turnip Truck’s East store is very lucky to have sustained very little damage in Tuesday’s Tornado. We have a few torn panels on the roof and we were able to save three of our beehives on the roof. We were able to get a generator truck, so we have electricity and are fully functional…. Read more »