Women-Owned Businesses

Turnip Truck is committed to gender equity, currently stocking products from 30+ woman-owned businesses. Since opening in 2001, we have proudly — and intentionally — supported leading women in the local and organic sectors.

From farmers to producers of health and beauty products, prepared foods, and other items, these women blaze trails. Like Rosine, featured on our new Charlotte store mural, female business owners represent the minority in agriculture — despite their vast contributions.

Please join Turnip Truck in supporting gender equity.

  • -Yarbourogh Organics
  • -Bloomsbury Farm
  • -Natalie’s Juice
  • -Evanhealy
  • -Andalou Naturals
  • -Urban Moonshine
  • -Rainbow Light
  • -Schmidt’s
  • -Radius
  • -Natracare
  • -Lunette
  • -Diva Cup
  • -Kuli Kuli
  • -Essential Oxygen
  • -Earth Mama
  • -Stasher
  • -Ology Essential
  • -Neta’s Naturals
  • -Stomping Grounds
  • -Carol’s Vibrations
  • -Honey Pot
  • -Alchemy of Sol
  • -Ology (farmers, too)
  • -Neta’s Naturals
  • -Remedy Bone Broth
  • -Santo Nino Tortillas
  • -The Shortbread Shop
  • -The Wild Muffin
  • -Trubee Honey
  • -Hummus Chick
  • -Tree-Free
  • -Tomato Head
  • -Apothepurity



Turnip Truck Partnered with Fairtrade America to Create Mural

October is Fair Trade Month, and Turnip Truck founder John Dyke has teamed up with Fairtrade America to promote Fair Trade and Gender Equality.

While 60-80% of the world’s food is produced by women, many still face gender inequity daily. Turnip Truck and Fairtrade America enlisted Nashville muralist Tarabella Aversa (www.tarabellaaversa.com) to paint West African cocoa farmer Rosine Bekoin on the West Nashville store at 5001 Charlotte Avenue.

Self-employed, Rosine owns and runs the farm she inherited from her mother – a rarity for women in her native Africa. Click here for more of Rosine’s inspiring story.

Throughout the month of October, Turnip Truck will feature Fairtrade America certified products and drawings at all locations. Stop by to learn more — and enter to win!

For more information on Fairtrade America and certification, go to Fairtrade America. 


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