THE TENNESSEAN: Nashville $10 Lunch

Nashville $10 lunch: The Turnip Truck

“Tabitha Waggoner [The Tennessean], has a tight budget on her time and money. This week, she checks out The Turnip Truck Urban Fare in The Gulch for a filling lunch a la carte. 

I didn’t really know what I would find when I visited the Turnip Truck Urban Fare in The Gulch since I had only been there a couple times before and had never eaten off the hot bar. But with temperatures in the 30s and flurries falling, I decided a hot soup would be a great lunch.

The salad bar looked oh-so-tempting as did the deli, but I stayed true to the course and checked out the hot bar. A small soup is $2.99, a medium is $4.99 and a large soup is $8.99. The soup is probably the best deal for a to-go meal this time of year, and there are different options like broccoli cheddar and turkey gumbo along with clam chowder.

With San Francisco on my mind I went with the medium clam chowder and grabbed a large, fresh salmon patty for $2.79 (most hot bar items are $8.99 a pound). After tax I had my meal for $8.50.

The salmon patty was the size of two patties, in my opinion, and of course the chowder (the clam tasted amazing) kept me full for hours. (Literally through the evening.)  The only thing that could have made this better would have been a bread bowl, but then I wouldn’t have been able to eat it all.

The greatest thing about The Turnip Truck is the plethora of mix and match options that are fresh and beautiful to the eye. And you can grab it, pay and go or eat right there in the dining area.

_Tabitha Waggoner | The Tennessean”


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Nashville Business JournaL

Nashville Business Journal featured Robin Fugett’s promotion announcement in March’s “People on the Move” section.

Turnip Truck founder and owner John Dyke has promoted Robin Fugett to Store Director of the company’s newly renovated Gulch location. Fugett has been with Turnip Truck since 2015, most recently serving as a Manager on Duty.

Fugett previously worked in specialty retail management in Texas for nearly three decades. She moved to Nashville and joined Turnip Truck after an eight-year tenure as General Manager of Williams-Sonoma in Fort Worth. Soon after coming to Turnip Truck, she helped launch the locally owned natural foods grocer’s new flagship East Nashville store and quickly worked her way into management.

“Robin is an exceptional leader, and we are delighted to have her at the helm of our Gulch location,” Dyke said. “Inside or outside our organization, there was no more qualified candidate than Robin.”

Fugett has spent her time at Turnip Truck learning about the store’s culture of community engagement, including fostering relationships with farmers and food producers. In her new role, she will manage all aspects of the Gulch store – from staffing to customer relations.

“When I moved to Nashville, I made the decision to transition from corporate retail management to working for a locally owned company,” Fugett said. “I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with Turnip Truck, which has given me the opportunity to quickly move into a leadership role at a company I greatly admire.”

Congratulations Robin!