Turnip Truck: Nashville’s home-grown produce purveyor is expanding

Turnip Truck: Nashville’s home-grown produce purveyor is expanding

A big thanks to The Tennessean for featuring us on the cover of this Sunday’s business section. And an equally big thanks to you, our customers and friends — the secret to our success.  We are thrilled to be growing to serve you better!


To read story and watch video click on tittle then here: https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2019/04/05/nashville-turnip-truck-expanding-charlotte-ave-west-nashville-fall-2019-new-location-organic-produce/3163757002/

Why buy local?

Let’s celebrate National Veggie day on June 16th! Actually, let’s celebrate veggies all the time.

With the help of some of our local farmers, we can do exactly that. We at the Turnip Truck are very proud to prioritize supporting local farms, and happy to tell you why we love buying local. It’s great that our locally-grown veggies are as fresh as can be, but it’s more than that!


  • Invests in community economy – sustainable agriculture, healthier communities, and strong local economies are some of the benefits in spending our dollars locally
  • Builds and scaffolds community – when small local businesses get together, our community thrives!
  • Creates the system we want – buying local is a reflection of our values to be transparent, support our farms and workers, and be kind to the planet

In honor of National Veggie Day, here are some of the local offerings in our produce section and the local farms they come from:

Fresh herbs, sprouts, wheatgrass, and kale from Bloomsbury Farm

Greens and summer squash from Delvin Farms

Greens and fresh flowers from Green Door Gourmet

Butter lettuce and lettuce blends from Greener Roots Farm