Area groceries confront virus on multiple fronts

Nashville-area grocery stores — unlike so many other now-shuttered businesses throughout the city — continue to operate. But those operations have assumed a decidedly different approach and vibe compared to the business-as-usual period prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The signs are obvious: Customers and store employees wearing germ-repellent gloves and masks, aisles and shelving having… Read more »

What The Turnip Truck Is Doing Regarding COVID19

  With the WHO declaring COVID-19 a pandemic this week, people worldwide are considering how to stay well.  At the Turnip Truck, we are doing everything in our power to keep our shelves stocked and our employees and customers safe.  We have ramped up our daily sanitation practices, wiping down store surfaces at regular intervals… Read more »

Message from John Dyke, owner

  Hello, all of my friends that reached out last week to check in on me and the Turnip Truck I’m sending a big Thank You with lot’s of Love and Hugs from me and the same from our Turnip Truck Team members. Like many others in Nashville and surrounding counties there was not much… Read more »

Tornado Impacts Upon Local Food Supply Chain

  We appreciate Jeremy Finley from WSMV Channel 4 News for highlighting the challenges to Nashville’s food supply chain due to the tornado and the COVID-19 virus. Check out his report in the link. Rest assured, the Turnip Truck is open and fully operational now that power is restored at our East Nashville location. Our… Read more »

UPDATE: March 4, 2020

The Turnip Truck’s East store is very lucky to have sustained very little damage in Tuesday’s Tornado. We have a few torn panels on the roof and we were able to save three of our beehives on the roof. We were able to get a generator truck, so we have electricity and are fully functional…. Read more »

Why buy local?

Let’s celebrate National Veggie day on June 16th! Actually, let’s celebrate veggies all the time. With the help of some of our local farmers, we can do exactly that. We at the Turnip Truck are very proud to prioritize supporting local farms, and happy to tell you why we love buying local. It’s great that… Read more »

Beautifully Easy Holiday Sides!

Everyone knows that the star of the Thanksgiving feast is the turkey, but that’s no reason to let Thanksgiving side dishes be boring or complicated.  Here are a few sides that are healthful, simple, and flavorful, and can be cooked off while your turkey is resting.  All of these VIPs have made appearances in our… Read more »