Friends, due to the City and Federal call to action regarding COVID19 virus, and in order to take every precaution we can, we are CLOSING OUR HOT AND COLD BARS at both stores until further notice. Instead, we will make pack-outs of many of those items to provide our customers with access to salad items and warm entrees. The juice bar, produce, butcher, bakery and over-the-counter deli are still open.

To keep our shelves stocked, we have increased our orders by 50% and shipments are coming in each day. Both stores continue to be stocked.

We continue to maintain stringent hand washing requirements, and we are sanitizing surfaces at regular intervals to ensure our products, our staff and our customers are safe.

A note from our founder and owner, John Dyke:

“This month, we have seen once again how Nashvillians rally together after a disaster. With this present health threat, we expect to see the same thing – neighbors coming together to help one another. We will get through this with courage, patience and community spirit.”