June 2 is National Rotisserie Chicken Day! We love the versatility, convenience, and value of the rotisserie chicken. While there’s definitely no shame in just eating it right off the bone, there are countless ways to dress up a rotisserie chicken for an inexpensive, easy, and healthful dinner.

The Turnip Truck sells antibiotic-free, hormone-free, humanely-raised rotisserie chickens sourced from FreeBird. Choosing ethically-raised and antibiotic-free chickens like the ones from FreeBird can have many benefits! Consuming poultry that has been treated with growth-promoting antibiotics can weaken our body’s ability to use antibiotics when we need them, and chickens that are raised in a stress-free environment definitely taste better! To learn more about FreeBird, visit their website here.

Turnip Truck rotisserie chickens are the most convenient part of a great dinner, but there’s no need to get stuck in a rut! We thought it would be fun to ask some Turnip Truckers their favorite way to use a rotisserie chicken. Let these fun ideas inspire your dinner tonight! Also, we love talking about food.

Our Gulch store Director, Robin, and Associate Director, Bert, both like to make a good chicken sandwich! They suggest sliced rotisserie chicken, lettuce, tomato, pimento cheese with a side of our macaroni salad.

“I like to use the pulled chicken with lettuce leaf tacos with some avocado and salsa.  Low carb, fresh and not hot!” –Kim, COO

“My current favorite recipe with rotisserie chicken is a really simple tortilla soup. I saute onion and garlic until soft in a soup pot, puree that with a can of tomatoes and can of green chiles, reduce the puree back in the pot until it has the consistency of tomato paste, then add a quart of chicken broth and simmer for a while.  As soon as that has a good flavor I add shredded chicken, chunks of avocado, shredded cheese, and chips to serving bowls and pour the thin soup over the top.  It’s based on a Rick Bayless recipe whose Frontera brand we sell in the store.  Always delicious!” -Carly, Gulch Grocery Manager

“I would make a Waldorf Salad with fresh grapes from the produce section!” –Maggie, East store Cashier

“A quick run down to the garden to gather whatever veggies & herbs are in season, topped with some pulled chicken, dressed with lemon, olive oil, pepper & bitter orange adobo seasoning. Simple & perfect!” –Adam, CFO

“I like to make chicken tacos – buy tortillas, jalapeno, cilantro, lime, onion – maybe sour cream and salsa.” Brian, Gulch Store Produce Manager

Don’t forget to make chicken stock with your leftover bones!

Here’s a quick and delicious recipe from our East store Director, Phillip:

Chicken Enchiladas

1 Rotisserie Chicken
1 bag of corn or flour tortillas
1 onion, 1 clove garlic. and 1 bell pepper, sautéed
1 bunch cilantro
1 bag of Mexican shredded cheese
Pull chicken and toss with sautéed veggies and cilantro
Roll chicken mixture and cheese in slightly warm tortillas
Arrange in 9×13 glass baking
Top with Frontera Green Enchilada sauce and more cheese

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

To help celebrate National Rotisserie Chicken day, on June 2, 2018, rotisserie chickens will have a special price of $6.99! Enjoy.