Store donates organic and natural products to nearby food kitchen

East Nashville’s own local and natural foods grocer, Turnip Truck, has partnered wit Loaves and Fishes to meet increasing demand for meals for the area’s hungry and/or homeless population.

The store donates past-date but still fresh product to the organization, located blocks away from Turnip Truck in East Nashville’s Five Points area.  Loaves and Fishes is a mission of Catholic Charities, which provides hot midday meals to individuals and families every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at Holy Name Catholic Church on Main Street.

“Turnip Truck is honored to support the important and worthy work of Loaves and Fishes,” Store Director Phillip Hill said.  “We are especially happy to provide high quality and nutritious food to people who would likely not have access otherwise.”

As East Nashville’s population has boomed along with the rest of Nashville, so has the need for food relief.  Loaves and Fishes has seen an uptick in both the number of homeless individuals and families living in poverty and unable to afford food.  The organization currently provides an estimated 600 weekly meals, in conjunction with 23 community partners.

“Besides meeting a basic need, Loaves and Fishes treats people with dignity and grace – as guests at the table – at a time when they need that most of all,” Hill said.  “For us here at Turnip Truck, that is paramount. We look forward to continuing to support this worthwhile outreach.”

Loaves & Fishes Donations April 2017