Father’s Day Gifts

Here are few things that are extra special – just like him


Bearded Iris Beer


Local brewery, Bearded Iris beers are full of nuanced layers of flavor from hops to stone fruit. Homestyle brews are $13.99 and Special Release are $14.99 for 4 16oz tallboys in a pack. Perfect for kicking back with friends and family.


Blue Point Oysters

We’ll be getting in Blue Point Oysters from New England at a great deal – .99¢ each. Arrives Friday, June 19.


Prime Rib Eye

Grass fed prime rib-eye steak – ready for the grill!


Prime New York Strip Steak

Grass fed prime New York Strip nicely marbled to give you a flavorful finish.


Beyond Meat Sausage

From grill to griddle to frying pan, plant-based sausage stuffed with delicious flavor and satisfying sizzle.


J.M. Thompson Seasonings

J.M. Thompson Seasonings is a local family business that has been supplying spices and seasonings for some the best Southern Chefs and restaurants for nearly 50 years. They use locally made, globally sourced spices to create custom, proprietary blends.

Read in Edible how J.M. Thompson gives back to farmers.


Bourbon Chili Powder

Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder is domestically harvested and handpicked from a family owned farm in New Mexico. A bourbon smoked blend of mild chilis and spices adds a robust flavor to any dish. Its distinct smoky flavor will add a unique fiery bite to your recipes!

  • Ideal for meats, marinating, vegetables, stews, and soups.
  • Handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky.


Olivina Grooming Products

Made in Nashville, Olivina Men formulates grooming essentials that are made to be everyday classics. With a focus on function, fragrance, and effective ingredients. They have created products for the modern man who is health conscious and practical. Earthy aromas from essential oils are the inspiration for their natural fragrances. Their products are earth-friendly, you-friendly, and wallet-friendly and they are:

  • free of parabens, phthalates, and SLS
  • packaged in recyclable materials
  • never tested on animals
  • vegan or vegetarian

More information about Olivina Men here.


Bulldog Skincare & Grooming products

Bulldog’s products range for normal, sensitive, oily or mature skin and purposely built for men. They are specially formulated to help you look and feel your best.

Bulldog’s packaging is made from sugarcane – a natural, renewable source that reduces the use of carbon dioxide producing plastic. For every 100 tons of sugarcane plastic produced, 309 tons of Carbon Dioxide are taken out of the environment resulting in a significant impact on the environment.

More about Bulldog Skincare here.