While Dan + Shay spend most of their time on the road these days, when they do have some time off they can be found grabbing a bite at a few of their favorite local spots and catching up with friends, whether it’s at their record label offices or down on Broadway.

Here are Dan + Shay’s Nashville Favorites…

The Turnip Truck: “Turnip Truck definitely. Great organic food. Healthy food. It’s a cool place to hang out. They have great prepared food, hot bar, cold bar, soups.”
321 12th Ave S / theturniptruck.com

Robert’s Western World: “Robert’s Western World is our favorite bar. It’s one of the traditional honky tonks down on Broadway. There’s a magic to the music that’s being played there. There’s cheap drinks, they have grilled cheese, fried bologna sandwiches. It’s a whole experience.”
416 Broadway / robertswesternworld.com

Warner Music Nashville: “We love hanging out at our record label, our publishing company Warner Music Nashville. We signed here. It’s all of our friends. We love everybody here. It’s good people. They’re so supportive and they believed in our art. Any chance we get we’re roaming the halls, stealing people’s snacks, drinking coffee. We spend most of our time here.”
20 Music Square E / warnermusicnashville.com

Ocean Way Studios: “We like cutting our records there. We cut our new record there. We’re studio nerds. Even if we don’t have anything to record we go in there. It’s cool, inspiring vibes.”
1200 17th Ave S / oceanwaynashville.com

Chris DeStefano’s Condo: “We love that guy. Talk about a nerd in the best way. We’re all nerds. We love Star Wars and The X-Files. He is the greatest nerd ever. He’s got so many hit songs [so] he’s got some money in the bank for sure. He has all this memorabilia; the Back to the Future Casio watch, from the movie Alien he has the gun. He has toys to play with. We wrote ‘Nothin’ Like You’ there.”