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We're proud to be one of the largest providers of local merchandise in the Nashville area. Below is a list of all the local goods you may find in our stores at any given time. Please note that some items may be seasonal, and not in stock at all times.

If you're interested in speaking with us about carrying your product, you can start here.

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Bloomsbury Farm - organic products from Smyrna
Blueberry Ridge - local organic blueberries      
Bountiful Blessings - organic local produce from Williamsport  
Delvin Farms - organic local produce from College Grove
Eaton's Creek Organics - organic local produce from Joelton    
Green Door Gourmet - local farm that uses natural sustainable methods
Plant Diversity - local produce      
Timbertop Farms - local organic mushrooms from Nashville    
Turnbull Creek Farm - local organic flowers from Bon Aqua    
Broadbent's -  pork from Kuttawa, KY  

G&G Family Dairy (Gulch only) - local milk from Orlinda, TN  
Hatcher Family Dairy - local, low-pasteurized milk from College Grove  
Marksbury Farm Meat - Regional meat from Lancaster, KY produced with a commitment to sustainable, humane, and natural production methods.
Noble Springs Dairy - local goat milk from Franklin  
Riley’s Eggs (Gulch only) - local eggs from Thompson Station      
Wild Acres Farm (Gulch only) - local eggs from Franklin    
Willow Farm Eggs - local eggs from Summertown    
Bonnie Blue Farm - local artisan goat’s milk cheese from Waynesboro  
Noble Springs Dairy - local artisan goat’s milk cheese from Franklin  
Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese - local farmhouse cow’s milk cheese from Barren County, KY
Sweetwater Valley Farm Cheese - local cow’s milk cheese from Philadelphia
Bongo Java Roasting - locally roasted coffee from Nashville
Drew’s Brew - locally roasted coffee from Nashville    
Icebox Coffee - regional cold brew coffee from Alabama
Just Love Coffee Roasters - locally roasted coffee from Murfreesboro
Bella Nashville bread (only at the East) - locally made bread in the East Nashville Farmer’s Market
Great Harvest Bread - locally baked bread from Nashville
Provence Bread - locally baked bread from Nashville
Silke’s Old World Bread - locally baked bread from Nashville  
Twin Forks Farm - locally baked breads from Primm Springs
The Wild Muffin - locally baked muffins from Nashville
Basil & Bergamot Flower Farm - local seasonal flower bouquets
The BE Hive - locally made Seitan  
Blackstone - locally brewed beer from Nashville (Gulch store only)
Caffe Nonna - local pasta sauce from Nashville
Cobbler Creations -  local blueberry, peach, & blackberry cobblers  
Colts Bolts Chocolates - local chocolate from Nashville
Darn Good Salsa - Salsa made locally in Hendersonville, TN
Doug Jeffords Spices  
Ebars - locally made whole food bars that are organic, gluten free, and kosher. Made in Franklin, TN (East Nashville store only)
Robert Johnson Honey - local honey from Goodlettsville    
Farmsoy Company - local organic Tofu from Summertown  
Firepot Chai - Chai tea blended and brewed in Nashville (Gulch store only)
Geadello’s Pizza - local frozen pizza from Nashville  
Grab The Gold Bars - local snack bar from Franklin, TN
Haulin' Oats - local organic oatmeal blends from Nashville (Gulch store only)
Living Raw Chocolate- local raw chocolate truffles from Nashville  
Maggie Allen Candy
The Nashville Jam Company - gourmet jam and jelly produced in Nashville
Nashville Toffee Company - locally made toffee from Nashville
Olive & Sinclair - locally made artisan chocolates from Nashville
Ousley Ouch Salsa - locally made salsa from Lebanon
Out of the Blue Granola - locally made granola from Sewanee  
Professor Bailey's Pimento Cheese - made in Nashville, TN  
Rhino Rub - local spice blend from Murfreesboro
Terrapin - regional beer from Athens, GA
Toney’s Naturals - local salsa from Nashville
Tortilleria Santo Niño de Atocha - Local, all natural Tortillas & Corn Chips made from regional corn milled in KY.  
TruBee Honey - local honey from Arrington
Villainess Soaps - made in Nashville
Williams Honey - local, raw honey from Frankiln
Yazoo- locally brewed beer from Nashville (Gulch store only)
Alchemy of Sol - locally made soaps from Smyrna  
Essence Tree - regionally made skin care from Nashville
Harris’ Homestead Bee Products - from Kentucky      
Natural Path / Silver Wings - colloidal silver from Nashville  
Organic Coffee Enema
Silk Body Creme - natural skincare from Nashville
Thistle Farms - body care from Nashville
TruBee Honey - local chap stick & beeswax rub from Nashville

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