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The Turnip Truck - John Dyke, Founder

John Dyke, Op-ED

Turnip Truck exists to nourish our communities by offering the highest quality local, natural and organic food available.

The Turnip Truck

Founded by John Dyke in 2001, the Turnip Truck is Nashville’s only full service, locally owned natural foods grocer. As the name implies, our store has farming roots, which run through every facet of operations.

We believe in the simple, ancient and timeless power of ethically grown, locally harvested food to feed our communities.

With three stores in the heart of Nashville, the Turnip Truck brings the seasonal bounty of area farms to our neighbors in the city. Our shelves are stocked with the highest quality natural, local and organic foods available. In addition, we are devoted to fostering the success of area farmers and producers, nurturing the future of our food supply.

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Why Local?

Turnip Truck


The closer your food is harvested, the fresher it is when it reaches your table. Fresh food not only tastes better, it is often more nutritious.


Local growers and producers are the heart and soul of our food system. We at the Turnip Truck value our relationships with farmers, and we set out to help connect them with the communities we serve.


By entrusting our food needs to local farmers – our friends and neighbors – we know the source and quality of our merchandise.

John Dyke Nashville, Turnip Truck founder

Our Founder

John Dyke originally hails from a working family farm in Greeneville, Tennessee, but he has hung his hat in East Nashville for more than two decades. Upon settling in the heart of the city, John realized how much he missed the fresh produce he had become accustomed to as a child. Inspired and encouraged by neighbors who craved the same natural goodness, he set out to bring the bounty of the farm to town. John opened his first store in East Nashville’s 5 Points neighborhood in 2001 and has been serving Nashville ever since. A champion for independent farmers, John is committed to revealing the timeless wisdom of eating “real food.” The store’s cheeky name underscores his mission to bring farmers the respect and support they deserve.